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Specific Heat Of Water

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The heat capacity can be affected by many of the state variables that describe the thermodynamic system under study. These include the starting and ending temperature, as well as the pressure and the volume of the system before and after heat is added. So rather than a single way to measure heat capacity, there are actually several slightly different measurements of heat capacity. The most commonly used methods for measurement are to hold the object either at constant pressure (C{\displaystyle C}P) or at constant volume (C{\displaystyle C}V). Gases and liquids are typically also measured at constant volume. Measurements under constant pressure produce larger values than those at constant volume because the constant pressure values also include heat energy that is used to do work to expand the substance against the constant pressure as its temperature increases. This difference is particularly notable in gases where values under constant pressure are typically 30% to 66. 7% greater than those at constant volume. Hence the heat capacity ratio of gases is typically between 1. 3 and 1. 67.

Heat capacity or thermal capacity is a physical quantity equal to the ratio of the heat that is added to (or removed from) an object to the resulting temperature change. [1]

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