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Sabine Moussier Hair Color

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After finishing Piel de otoño, Moussier took part in the theatrical play Hombres. After giving birth to her second child, she returned to telenovelas late in 2006 as mafia boss Eva Santoro in Amar sin límites. The role marked a change for Moussier, as Eva Santoro was neither an unfaithful wife, nor a husband-stealer, nor a terrible mother. Despite her evil deeds, Eva became a popular character with the viewing audience, who came to view her more favorably than series heroine Azul (Karyme Lozano) and lamented her death. For her work as Eva, Moussier was nominated at the 2007 Premios TVyNovelas for Best Actress in her antagonistic role. She briefly reunited with the cast of La madrastra and took up the role of Fabiola in order to re-film the final ten episodes of the telenovela, which was being re-aired at the time, and to provide a new resolution to the murder mystery. She joined the star-studded cast of the mini-novela Amor sin maquillaje as Beatriz, pairing up with Piel de otoño co-star Sergio Goyri. The telenovela honored the fiftieth anniversary of Televisa and telenovelas in Mexico.

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