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Max Goof House Of Mouse

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Max, much to his own dismay, takes after his father at times, whether it be mannerisms (including Goofy's trademark laugh) or occasionally being clumsy (although that is a trait he does not display obviously in An Extremely Goofy Movie during the College X-Games competition). He feels that he is much cooler than Goofy however, and is not as earnest and humble as his old man, as he can be somewhat of a show-off at times when he excels at anything. While Goofy is still clumsy, he works hard to be a good father towards Max, at one time reprimanding him to take personal responsibility by telling him about his (Max's) great-uncle, Eliot Goof, an FBI agent with a never-give-up attitude (and a parody of Eliot Ness). In the Goof Troop show, there are times he would get suckered in by Pete and his get-rich-quick schemes, only to come around towards the end. It seems, personality wise, that PJ is more like Goofy at times, while Max seems more like Pete. Despite everything, Max loves his father, even if he does wish that Goofy would be a little more normal.

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