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On August 23, the album was announced for release on October 8, 2013. [72] A few days prior to the release, the band won the right to self-release the album,[73] with the band contractually obligated to owing Victory at least two more albums. [74][75] McKinnon said about Victory, "The only thing [they] held above us was the right to put out this album and we won the right to put it out ourselves [. . . ] Now it can go to a jury and good luck having a jury of random people agree that two live albums that are sold separately not count as an album, good luck with that. "[76] The band self-released the album digitally on October 8. [77] A physical edition with additional tracks was released on November 25,[78] by the band's own label, ADTR Records. To this day, the band and their fans hold the same distaste to Victory, an example being during their set of 2017 Self Help Fest in Philadelphia, where a fan shouted "F*** Victory Records" audibly between two songs and received praise and an personal thanks from McKinnon and the band.

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